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ARK: Survival Evolved Game Server Hosting

"The Ultimate Server Rental Experience"


Your server will be setup within
10 minutes once paid.


We offer you the ability to trial our service before you buy.


We offer a user-friendly easy to use mod management system.


Multiple rented servers enable you to transfer between worlds.


All game servers are hosted on enterprise dedicated servers.

Our Game Server Rentals Include 21+ Powerful Features!

Below you will find our list of amazing features which come as standard with every server rental:

  • Quick Deployment (< 10 mins)
  • Free 24-Hour Trial (10 slots)
  • Mod / Plugin Management System
  • Cluster / Cross-Travel (Requires 2+ servers)
  • High Performance Enterprise Servers
  • Ragnarok & Scorched Earth Supported
  • All Maps & Mods Are Supported
  • Unlimited Slots (250 Max Supported)
  • Unlimited SSD Storage (550Mb/sec)
  • 3.8GHZ CPU Clock Speeds (Upgradable)
  • 4GB DDR4 Memory (Upgradable)
  • 100Mbit/s Network (Upgradable)
  • Standard DDoS Protection (Upgradable)
  • Free Migration Service Included
  • Free Debranding (No Forced Advertising)
  • Full Unrestricted FTP Access (FileZilla)
  • Intelligent Automated Server Restarts
  • Intelligent Automated Server Messages
  • Ability To Switch Locations (On-Demand)
  • Backup & Restore (To Our Cloud System)
  • Full Access To Group Pay System

ARK: Survival Evolved (PC) Plan Details & Prices

ARK Game Server Hosting Prices For: Xbox PS4 Pro Coming Soon!

ARK: Trial

" Try Before You Buy "
FREE 24 Hours (1 Day)
  • 10 Slots (Public)
  • All Standard Features (Listed Above)
  • 100% Free of Charge (No Hidden Fees)
  • Convert Server To Paid Plan (Anytime)

ARK: Standard

" The Ultimate Server Experience "
$ 30 Monthly (Subscription)
  • 250 Slots (Public or Private)
  • All Standard Features (Listed Above)
  • Xeon E3-1270v6 (3.8GHz CPU Speed)
  • 4GB DDR4 Memory (2133MHz Speed)
  • 100Mbit/s Network (Shared RJ45)
  • Standard DDoS Protection (1Gbps)
  • 50% Less Servers Per Machine
  • Express Priority Support
  • CGS Exclusive Unique Power Tools
  • 20% Discount Per Additional Server

ARK: Premium

" Super-Charge Your Server! "
$ 50 Monthly (Subscription)
  • 250 Slots (Public or Private)
  • All Standard Features (Listed Above)
  • Intel i7-7700K OC (5.0GHz CPU Speed!)
  • 12GB DDR4 Memory (2400MHz Speed)
  • 1000Mbit/s Network (Dedicated RJ45)
  • Enterprise DDoS Protection (10Gbps)
  • 50% Less Servers Per Machine
  • Express Priority Support
  • CGS Exclusive Unique Power Tools
  • 20% Discount Per Additional Server
Best Seller

Checkout Our ARK Game Server Hosting Overview

General Information Regarding Our Service & Technical Specifications:

Game Description

Game Description

ARK Survival Evolved - What You Should Know About The Game

This is the most popular survival based open world adventure game on the market to date which has been created by Studio Wildcard based in Kirkland, Washington DC, United States. The company was founded in 2014 (3 years ago) by Doug Kennedy & Jesse Rapczak respectively.

The company has developed 2 games to date, they debuted with ARK Survival Evolved launched in 2016 and then later followed up with the launch of a new game mode simply titled: "ARK: Survival of The Fittest" which launched in 2017, both of which are available via Steam Early Access and is scheduled to fully release the game by August 30th 2017.



Studio Wildcard from the beginning had the ambition to create "Tripple A" games and are currently developing for the PC as well as PlayStation & Xbox in addition to Linux & Mac computers.

This means they are competing mainly in the PC and console game markets against well established game development companies. Co-Founder & Creative Director Jesse Rapczak stated that he was excited to bring ARK to consoles as typically survival, open-world based games are normally developed exclusively for the PC.

In 2017 the game was officially launched on the PS4 and Xbox consoles bringing with it a massive community of gamers who have been enjoying the game and all future additions in the form of "Hot-fixes" and "Patches" since it's release.



ARK: Survival Evolved is just like other survival open-world based games except they have a major difference in terms of gameplay:

In contrast to other games which place an emphesis on player vs zombies, other players (PvP) and or creatures (PvE) ARK instead aims to focus on Player vs Dinosaurs and other misc creatures which are tamable and usable as pets or even rid-able steeds, which allows the player to travel the open-world much faster provided the Creature / Dino has been equipped with a saddle. Even though the focus has been on PVE the company has allowed player vs player action to take place.

Each Creature / Dino has a similar UI to that of the controlling player / character. The need to increase the stats for said Creature / Dino is noticed when first opening it's user-interface. In addition to being able to equip it with more armor and other misc types of equipment which in-turn makes the Creature / Dino more durable, faster, stronger and more deadly and can cause allot of damage to the controlling players enemies.

Server Features Explained

ARK Game Server Hosting Features Explained

The following is a complete list of our features including a full explanation of what each feature means and it's benefits:


Quick Deployment

When you order your ark game server hosting and pay it's first invoice you will receive an email informing you that your ark game server is now being provisioned. Depending on the game & how large it is this can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, the average however is just 10 minutes.

Once your ark game server is live you will receive an another email confirming your server is now available for use and is fully operational. From here you would continue to login to our control panel and stop your server using the provided functionality (See the FAQ: Server Support section for a tutorial).

Once stopped you would then proceed to editing your ark game server hosting files using the configuration options via the control panel.


Free 24-Hour Trial

We are one of a few game server hosting providers to offer a free 24-hour test drive of our products and services before you buy. This enables you the ability to test the performance of our ark game servers and to also test our support services we offer via our support ticket system.

We do offer many other platforms to gaining quick and effective support however some of these are specifically for those who have purchased a Premium Plan for their chosen game. Our support ticket system is just as effective, simply open a ticket and our support staff will get back to you within the hour.

Once you have trialed our game hosting service you can allow it to automatically expire which basically means the server is then deleted and the IP Address used is then placed back into the available list of IP Pools for new customer orders.

You can however if you wish decide to contact us via support ticket or live support (selecting the pre-sales option). Once you have contacted us simply request that we convert your ark server into a full paid plan and our staff will do the rest and give you the information you need to achieve this.

This ensures you keep your current IP address and saved game data. Please ensure you contact us at least 3 hours before the expiration period.


Mod / Plugin Management System

Some games such as ARK: Survival Evolved have a massive online archive of mods numbering in the thousands. It's impossible to store this amount of mods locally and distribute it efficiently. To by-pass this issue we have spent over 1000 man hours developing our own extensive Mod / Plugin Management suite for the game.

You can now easily install and manage any mod available with just a couple clicks and furthermore it's extremely easy to use as being user-friendly was the number 1 priority when designing & coding this feature. If you would like to know more simply contact our pre-sales support team via live chat or support ticket.


Clustered ARK Servers / Cross-Travel

Our ARK Survival Evolved Game Server Hosting includes our awesome Cluster / Cross Travel system which in essence enables you to move your character, items and dinos from one of your ark servers over to an entirely different ark server which is linked with the primary.

The most amazing functionality of this system is that you can run multiple maps, mods and game configurations individually and completely segmented from the other linked server. This means you can run 10 mods + 1 mod + options 1,2,3 set to enabled and then with the other server you can have a different map running plus a different mod, options 1,2,3 disabled, enabled or a mixture of both.

Most game server providers charge extra for this functionality but as with most things CGServerHosting includes these functions and systems with all game servers free of charge.


High Performance Game Server Hosting

Our game servers are hosted on enterprise grade dedicated servers at the lowest prived plan level ensuring your game server receive the best hit reg, server fps and low pings you would expect from a premier game hosting provider.

With our ARK Game Hosting Premium plan your game server will be hosted on a machine boasting a CPU running at 5.0GHz Speed, yes 5.0! Your ark game hosting will be assigned 12GB memory which is simply over-kill but we want to ensure that your server will run what ever mods, plugins and customization's you throw at it.

You also receive the additional benefit of your ark server running on a 1Gbps dedicated Ethernet connection, no other game server will use the same Local Area Connection as you. This means your server will have the lowest possible pings at all times with no bottlenecks, the only thing beyond our control is the distance from you to the datacenter but in today's day and age of game hosting the internet backbone has been developed to a high grade that a gamer connecting from the USA to UK will get less than 100ms which is simply amazing.

The final thing about our premium hosting plan note worthy of a mention is that your game server will be hosted on a dedicated server hosting shared with 50% less customers compared to the standard ark plan which already hosts less per machine than any other provider (8 max) meaning your server on the premium ark plan will be shared with just 4! This leaves approx 65% server-resource available to be used at any given time ensuring a guarantee that your server will never lag and will run the highest server FPS available limited only by the game itself.

FAQ: Pre-Sales

Frequently Asked: Pre-Sales Questions


When I purchase hosting, do I get charged automatically?

When you create an account and rent one or more of our services you are authorizing us to charge your credit card or PayPal account every 30, 60, 90, 180 or 365 days depending on which payment term you selected when ordering your ark hosting. If you would like to pay manually please ensure you select the standard checkout option during the purchasing of the desired service.


Once I have purchased an ARK server, what happens next?

Provided that your payment has been received, our system will automatically begin the provisioning of your ark server which typically takes on average roughly 10 minutes. You will receive an email once your server is ready for use which will contain your control panel login information.

If an email has not arrived in your inbox after 30 minutes, please contact our support by opening a support ticket, or if your server is running on a premium plan you can contact us via quicker methods such as Discord, Live Chat or Telephone. Let us know you have purchased a server and not yet received your login information and we will locate and resolve the issue for you immediately.


What payment methods are available?

We accept PayPal and all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card, American Express and many others. If you are unable to pay using any of these methods please contact our Sales team via Live Chat, Discord or Telephone and we will discuss and agree to an alternative payment method you can use.


Do you offer a control panel with your server rentals?

We currently provide TCAdmin Version 2 free of charge. We have modified certain aspects of the control panel from it's default form in order to better facilitate additional functions & provide extra features for each of the different types of games we offer. We are currently at the time of writing this FAQ developing our own in-house control panel exclusively for our customers. This will have every single feature & functionality our customers have requested when providing us their feedback. We are doing our best to provide everything our customers ask for and more.


Do you provide MYSQL Databases?

All servers come with a free MySQL Database provided that the game in question requires one. ARMA based games for example would include a dedicated MYSQL Database which would be automatically setup when your server was initially provisioned. If you have any additional questions or requests with regards to MYSQL please ensure you contact our pre-sales team.


Can I upgrade / downgrade my plan at anytime?

You certainly can upgrade and downgrade your hosting on demand at anytime within your rental period. You can do this via our client area for billing & accounts, please see our Billing & Accounts section for a step by step guide on how you can achieve this or you can simply contact our billing team who will be more than happy to guide you through the process.


Are your servers online 24/7?

Your service will be online & available to you 24/7 365 days per year provided your invoices are paid on-time. If your server is not online, please contact our support team and if the issue is related to billing they will redirect you to a billing and accounts staff member who will be able to assist you immediately.


What happens if I forget to pay my invoice or don't pay on time?

If you forget to pay or can't pay, your server will automatically be suspended and access to your server will be restricted until the invoice in question has been paid. If you do not take steps to paying the invoice for your ARK hosting service once it has been suspended it will then be automatically deleted along with any and all backups 5 days after the suspension was put in place.

If you are suffering financial problems we are more than happy to consider an extension in certain cases, to see if you can receive a one-time extension to allow you extra time to pay your invoice, please contact our billing and accounts department and we will do our best to help.


Do you provide Skype Support?

Unfortantly we do not offer Skype Support. We do however offer the following methods of support:

  • Email
  • Ticket
  • Discord (*)
  • Live Chat (*)
  • Telephone (*)

(*) Premium Plan Customers Only.


What locations do you offer?

We currently provide the following locations:

  • Paris, France
  • Quebec, Canada
  • London, United Kingdom
  • New York, United States
  • Dallas Texas, United States


I wish to rent a server for only one month, is this possible?

Renting an ARK server for a single month is acceptable. Simply purchase your server and then immediately following the purchase you can login to your client area and request cancellation ensuring you do not check the option for "Immediate Cancellation" also ensure you login to your PayPal account (If this was your chosen payment method) and cancel the PayPal subscription.


What server specifications do you use to host your services?

Please find below our dedicated server specifications used to host our gaming hosting services:

ARK Standard Plan:
CPU: Xeon E3-1270v6 (3.8GHz CPU Speed)
Memory: 4GB DDR4 Memory (2133MHz Speed)
Storage: 2 x 512GB Solid State Drives
Network: 100Mbit/s Network (Shared RJ45)
DDoS Protection: Upto 1Gbps
Services Hosted Per Machine: 8 Max (Other Providers Max Them Out To 12 Resulting In Lower Performance.)

ARK Premium Plan:
CPU: Intel i7-7700K OC (5.0GHz CPU Speed!)
Memory: 12GB DDR4 Memory (2400MHz Speed)
Storage: 2 x 512GB Solid State Drives
Network: 1000Mbit/s Network (Dedicated RJ45)
DDoS Protection: Upto 10Gbps Enterprise Level
Services Hosted Per Machine: 4 Max (Other Providers Max Them Out To 12 Resulting In Lower Performance.)

FAQ: Billing & Accounts

Frequently Asked: Billing & Account Questions


How do I cancel my ARK server?

You can cancel your ark server on demand via your client area and following these instructions:

  1. Login to your client area.
  2. Select services option on the main navigation.
  3. Click "Active" green button or the "products / services" option.
  4. Select the "Request Cancellation" option via the Actions side menu.
  5. Enter in the reason for your cancellation and select the Cancellation Type.

Important Note: Selecting the option "Immediate" via the Cancellation Type will result in your ark hosting service being terminated immediately. The service will also be cancelled and any outstanding invoices will also be cancelled. This will not cancel any PayPal subscriptions you may have active so please ensure you login to your PayPal account in order to cancel the ark hosting subscription if one exists.


How do ask for a refund?

We offer a 24-Hour money back guarantee. Any desired refunds must be requested via submitting a billing ticket and this then would be reviewed by one of our billing team and or managers. We do not provide refunds for over-payments / subscription renewals.

If you have over-paid an invoice for example You have a PayPal subscription active and instead of waiting for this to automatically be taken from your account on the due date you instead pay the invoice manually, your over-payment will be given back to you in the form of "Credit" to which you can see the amount of credit you have via your account at any time. Credit can be used to pay invoices, order new ark hosting services and others as well as transfer the credit to other customers.


How do I request to upgrade or downgrade?

In order to perform one of these actions you must login to your Client Area and select the service in question via the "Services" option and then selecting the product / service in question. You then click the Upgrade / Downgrade button. It may during this process look as if you are ordering a new service but rest assured you are performing the requested / intended action. If you request an upgrade a new ark hosting PayPal subscription will be created, because of this we strongly advise you check that your old subscription has been cancelled via your PayPal account if this is how you paid.

FAQ: Server Support

Frequently Asked: ARK Survival Evolved (PC)
Server Support Questions


How do I access my server files?

You can access these files via using an FTP program such as FileZilla. Additionally you can also access the server files via the File Manager button on your control panel. If you would like to use FileZilla please follow this guide:

  1. Download & install FileZilla Client or a similar program which enables you to connect.
  2. Navigate to your control panel and take a note of your FTP IP Address found just below the connection info.
  3. Open FileZilla or the FTP Program you have installed.
  4. Enter in the Hostname / IP field. For the username and password please use your control panel login username and password. Enter Port 21.
  5. Press the connect button. You should now see a successful connection notification.

You can download or upload files on demand via drag and drop functionality. Select a file from the left hand side window and drag it over to the right hand side. This will upload the selected file.

Important Note: We have restricted .dll / .exe / .cmd / .bat files as a security measure and procedure. If you need one of these file types installed please contact our support. Our support staff will check the files you provide to ensure they do not contain malicious instruictions using VirusTotal service, if the files are clean our staff will upload them for you.

If you have any issues connecting please contact our support using one of the support options available to you. Please remember that ARK Premium Plan customers can contact support much quicker via Telephone, Discord or Live Chat.


How do I create custom XP Levels?

You can set custom levels for XP and other game elements via using a community created tool. Please follow this guide:

  1. Login to your control panel.
  2. Stop your game server via the stop button.
  3. Download the Level Generator tool to your PC.
  4. Open the tool and select the values for the specific levels you wish to change.
  5. Generate the custom level, save the file and edit the file and then copy the level code (CTRL + C).
  6. Make sure you do not copy this line: [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode]) when selecting the code you wish to copy.
  7. Click "Configuration Files" button on your control panel. Then edit the Game.ini using the [Text Editor] option.
  8. Press CTRL + V or right click your mouse and select "Paste" in order to paste the generated code you copied earlier.
  9. Click the "Save" option and then start your game server using the button found on the control panel home page.

Important Note: We do not provide support for third-party tools and applications for our ark hosting. We can only forward you to the creator.

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